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The Stakeholder Engagement Core at the CU Data Science to Patient Value (D2V) Initiative defines “stakeholder engagement” based upon definitions provided by Concannon et al. in their paper A New Taxonomy for Stakeholder Engagement in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research.

This paper provides the following definitions:

  • Stakeholder: An individual or group who is responsible for or affected by health- and healthcare-related decisions that can be informed by research evidence. Following the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, PCORI, the D2V initiative specifically notes that health research stakeholders include groups like payers, practitioners and policy makers as well as patients, families and communities.
  • Engagement: A bi-directional relationship between the stakeholder and researcher that results in informed decision-making about the selection, conduct, and use of research. Bi- or multi-directionality is an important feature of the D2V definition, since some methods of communication and marketing, though valuable, do not comprise engagement because they are information delivery mechanisms that do not include opportunities for meaningful reciprocal relationships to form and to generate new insights for all parties.

Additionally, the D2V initiative has defined engagement as a longitudinal activity. That is, stakeholder engagement means engaging at least some of the same stakeholders more than once during the engagement period (e.g., from planning to dissemination/implementation or throughout one or more phases of a study).

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