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The framework below was used in the development of the Stakeholder Engagement Navigator website and can be used to help you understand how the website is organized.

Examples Orienting Questions

Education and Framing

Engagement Principles

Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR)


PCORI Engagement Principles

IAP2 Public Participation Spectrum

Education and orienting questions regarding:

Stakeholder engagement definitions

Stakeholder roles in decision-making and project implementation

Investigator flexibility in product/outcomes

Intention for long-term collaboration

Engagement Approaches

Education on Engagement Approaches:

Community-Based Participatory Research

Community Engaged Research

Deliberative processes

Deverka’s Conceptual Model for Stakeholder Engagement in Comparative Effectiveness Research

Experience-Based Co-Design

PCORI Dissemination and Implementation Framework

Education and examples to select or orient engagement approach

Note: Engagement tools and methods may map onto one or more approaches

Method Selection

Engagement Purpose

Recommended Tools and Methods for:




Stakeholder Engagement Selection Tool

Questions to select or orient engagement tools and methods based on the intended purpose of engagement

Engagement Tools and Methods
(Feasible and Appropriate)

Assessment of Tools and Methods Requirements:


Time per interaction

Number of interactions

Filter relevant engagement tools and methods based on feasibility considerations

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