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Stakeholder Panel / Advisory Group

Stakeholder panels or advisory groups provide a forum for patients, community members, and other stakeholders to inform the development and alternatives for a research project.
Advisory group members will advise and ensure the exchange of information by:

  • Providing feedback to researchers regarding the importance and feasibility of research protocols.
  • Providing a “sounding board” for research ideas and research/community partnerships.
  • Facilitating connections between community and academic researchers.
  • Making recommendations to researchers at key milestones, including identifying a preferred alternative.

far fa-dollar-sign fa-sm Budget (e.g. personnel, space, equipment) Low Medium High far fa-user-clock Time per interaction I expect to engage stakeholders for... An hour or less Half a day A full day far fa-calendar-check Number of interactions I expect to interact with stakeholders... 1-2 times Appx. 5 times 10+ times Engagement Purposes far fa-scrubber Identify and explore new perspectives or understanding far fa-scrubber Identify which topics are most important to stakeholders far fa-scrubber Refine and help implement effective recruitment strategies far fa-scrubber Expand and diversify stakeholder outreach far fa-scrubber Investigate best ways to successfully implement a study, based on stakeholder insights far fa-scrubber Describe findings in ways stakeholders can understand and use far fa-scrubber Disseminate findings to relevant audiences far fa-clock Time Frame

Duration of the research project

fal fa-tasks-alt Workload LIGHT MEDIUM HEAVY
Appropriate Applications More useful for: far fa-scrubber Insight and feedback from stakeholder perspective far fa-scrubber Strategies for fundraising far fa-scrubber Community interaction/Outreach far fa-scrubber Knowledge and expertise far fa-scrubber Deeper understanding of issues relevant to stakeholders Less useful for: far fa-scrubber Understanding the opinion of all individual stakeholders Key Characteristics Resources Needed fas fa-money-bill-waveMoney far fa-scrubber Funding for food and travel fas fa-paperclipMaterials and Resources far fa-scrubber Meeting space fas fa-usersPersonnel far fa-scrubber Administrative support How To Determine who should be members of the advisory panel. Keep numbers manageable (8-12). Choose an independent chairperson of the panel. Invite members. Hold first meeting that includes: introductions, time for the group to set its own ground rules, and an explanation of the research in understandable terms. Manage expectations: Role is to advise and shape the research, but there may be limits on how much the research plan can be adapted. All members must understand limits. Provide other opportunities for interaction beyond panel meetings. Each year, document advisory panel accomplishments in an annual report. Tips Stakeholder advisory panels should ideally consist of diverse members Considerations (Potential Pitfalls) Members of an advisory panel could become disengaged unless expectations and limitations are managed and their input is respected Examples References / Other Resources

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