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To continue improving the evidence base supporting stakeholder engagement, more research is needed in at least two areas.

First is a need to develop rigorous and accepted evaluation metrics for the structure, processes and outcomes relevant to stakeholder engagement. Evaluation tools are actively being created to fill this gap. Only through rigorous evaluation can we know what works, and what does not, in the policy and practice of stakeholder engagement.

Second is a need to conduct comparative effectiveness research (CER) of engagement methods. Much like classical CER in health care delivery, the goal is to understand which engagement activities and methods work best for different stakeholders under different circumstances. CER of stakeholder engagement has the potential to improve both the efficiency and the impact of stakeholder engagement.

One of our hopes for the Stakeholder Engagement Navigator is that it might encourage and enable users to conduct evaluation and comparative effectiveness research on stakeholder engagement methods.

The Stakeholder Engagement Navigator is a service of the Data Science to Patient Value Initiative at the
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

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