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Community Based Participatory Research

Community based participatory research (CBPR) pairs academics and community member in research. Both parties should have active roles in shaping the research's aims, design, implementation and dissemination in an equally empowered partnership. CBPR enlists those who are most affected by a community issue in a collaboration or partnership with others who have research skills to conduct research on and analyze the issue, with the goal of devising strategies to resolve it.

far fa-dollar-sign fa-sm Budget (e.g. personnel, space, equipment) Low Medium High far fa-user-clock Time per interaction I expect to engage stakeholders for... An hour or less Half a day A full day far fa-calendar-check Number of interactions I expect to interact with stakeholders... 1-2 times Appx. 5 times 10+ times Engagement Purposes far fa-scrubber Identify and explore new perspectives or understanding far fa-scrubber Develop research questions relevant to stakeholders far fa-scrubber Select outcomes and measures that matter to stakeholders far fa-scrubber Refine and help implement effective recruitment strategies far fa-scrubber Expand and diversify stakeholder outreach far fa-scrubber Investigate best ways to successfully implement a study, based on stakeholder insights far fa-scrubber Describe findings in ways stakeholders can understand and use far fa-scrubber Disseminate findings to relevant audiences far fa-scrubber Design strategies for translating research into practice far fa-clock Time Frame

Generally months to years; Depends upon the nature of the study.

fal fa-tasks-alt Workload LIGHT MEDIUM HEAVY
Appropriate Applications More useful for: far fa-scrubber Quantitative Research far fa-scrubber Training and acclimating community researchers far fa-scrubber Gaining buy-in from community far fa-scrubber Empowering community researchers far fa-scrubber Setting the stage for long term social/behavioral change Less useful for: far fa-scrubber Information expressed in mathematical terms far fa-scrubber Generating quantitative results far fa-scrubber Results in terms of statistical procedures far fa-scrubber Short time frame for research far fa-scrubber Very limited funds for research Key Characteristics Resources Needed fas fa-money-bill-waveMoney far fa-scrubber Participant Compensation far fa-scrubber Transportation far fa-scrubber Food and drink far fa-scrubber Childcare fas fa-paperclipMaterials and Resources far fa-scrubber Comfortable and convenient space to hold meetings far fa-scrubber Training content-video, in person, etc. fas fa-usersPersonnel far fa-scrubber Community research team far fa-scrubber Trained facilitators far fa-scrubber Experts in different areas far fa-scrubber Persons with interview, survey Internet search capability, and analyses expertise How To Recruit, orient and train the community research team. Determine the question the research or evaluation is meant to answer. Carefully plan the research strategy with discussions and shared decision-making. Implement plan and analyses of data. Provide a contingency plan. Disseminate finding in a timely fashion that is easy to access, read, or browse. Follow up. Evaluate research process.. Tips Build trust, form equitable partnership with academic and community researchers on equal terms. Considerations (Potential Pitfalls) Misunderstanding about goals, benefits or the process/time frame of research can strain or sever the relationship between the community and researchers. Power Imbalance: Is an equal partnership actually attainable? Can the community actually benefit from the process and results of the research? Examples References / Other Resources

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