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When designing a strategy for stakeholder engagement, the first consideration is the approach or the role the stakeholders will play. WIll they be an integral part of the design and implementation of the research or are they advisory? The second step is to select the method or means by which to communicate and build relationships with the stakeholders. Finally, there are a number of tools to use to gather information and facilitate discussion among the stakeholders. Thus, the approach is the overarching framework, the method(s) operationalizes the purposes of engagement, and the tools structure the actual engagement.

Approach: Often an organizing framework in grant proposals used to establish with your stakeholders at the outset their role in decision-making, as well as their role in the conceptualization, conduct, and dissemination of research. Stakeholder engagement approaches include:

Method: A set of tools, techniques, and processes that are used to enact all of the “high-level” purposes of engagement: Identify and convene stakeholders, create reciprocal relationships (level the playing field), engage in bi-directional communication, elicit perspectives, and make decisions over time and in partnership. You may select a pre-existing package (e.g. Boot Camp Translation, Citizen Juries, Community Engagement Studio, etc.) or customize a package of discrete tools and techniques that match your own needs and resources. Stakeholder engagement methods include:

Tool: A means for gathering information, informing decision-making, facilitating group discussion and brainstorming, etc. Tools are often used in tandem or to complement other methods for specific purposes. Stakeholder engagement tools include:

Note: The stakeholder engagement selection tool includes methods and tools, but does not include approaches. Continue to the next page for more information on stakeholder engagement approaches.

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